The Best of the Best of the Best. This is the finest example of the genre to be found. Totally "A+".
Awesome, go see it. The only thing keeping this from being the best is so minor you may not even notice it, but we did.
Good entertainment. There could be some improvement but nothing to hinder the experience. "B"
Fun. You'll get something out of it, not much, but you won't complain. If they had a little more time (or money)
this would be higher on the list.
Not a bad job. Rough around the edges but still entertaining. Could be a cult classic in years to come.
The work in question is okay. It doesn't add anything to the genre but neither does it insult. This is a solid "C".
So close to being mediocre. If only they'd paid attention to the target audience.
Well, if you want to risk it you can. Maybe you'll get something out of it, but we didn't. "D".
There is just enough wrong here to be painful. They got some things right but not really of any quality.

It's like they're not even trying. Just enough to keep our interest, but barely. We stuck with it waiting for it to get better
and it doesn't. You have been warned. "F".

There is nothing redeeming in this work. Steer clear at all costs. Don't even be curious. We took a grenade for you
and this is the rank we give it. Sets the genre back 20 years. Epic Fail.